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Luxury Midwest US: Consisting of 12 states, the Midwest covers a huge swathe of the US. Bordered by Canada to the north, the Rocky Mountains to the west, and the Appalachian Mountain range in the east, it’s an area that’s equally for its ruggedness – you’ll find many superb wilderness resorts and experiences here – as well as its charming rural scenes and picturesque towns and villages.

It’s stunning natural beauty is extremely diverse, and encompasses such sights as the magnificent Mississippi River, the shores of Lake Michigan, the thick forests and rolling hills of Wisconsin, the grasslands of Kansas, to the rugged landscape of North Dakota and South Dakota. But whether you’re looking for prime luxury real estate or a great family vacation destination, these states – along with Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Ohio – offer no end of excellent options.

The Midwest is also not without many fine cities offering some of the best luxury hotels and top resorts and attractions in the country. Major cities to visit include Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland, Cincinnati and, of course, Chicago.

However you choose to enjoy it, let Luxury US be your guide to the very best experiences, lifestyles, and travel that the Midwest has to offer.




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