Luxury South US — Experiences, Lifestyles, Travel

Luxury South US: When one pictures the southern states of the US, one inevitably conjures images of luxury beach hotels, plenty of sunshine, great hospitality, and friendly people. While these are all important aspects of this magnificent and diverse region of the United States, they’re just a part of what makes the South so popular for travellers as well as purchasers of luxury real estate.

In addition to its endless beaches and, in places like Key West, its tropical climate, this vast region also boasts a rich history and an extremely diverse culture, one that’s made up of the experiences of people from around the globe. This diversity is reflected everywhere from its cuisine to its architecture to its art.

The topography of the South is equally diverse, and includes the lush tropical vegetation of the Everglades to arid landscapes like the Chihuahuan Desert. In between there’s everything from the densely forested Blue Ridge Mountains to the beautiful rolling farmland of the Bluegrass region.

The states of the South include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Key cities to visit include Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Memphis, Savannah, and Atlanta, each of them worth spending time exploring.

Whichever of the 14 states you prefer – and they’re all well worth visiting – be sure to use Luxury US as your guide to the very best experiences, lifestyles, and travel opportunities in the Southern United States.