Stay — The Top Luxury Hotels & Resorts in the US

A luxury stay in the US can encompass everything from elegant all-inclusive lodges and resorts to ultra-luxury hotels and boutique inns. Popular for overseas travellers and residents alike, luxury chalet and cottage rentals have become a staple of luxury vacations in the US, particularly in such locations as Aspen and The Hamptons, two of the country’s top luxury travel destinations.

Vacation real estate – whether an ocean front mansion in Florida or a condo in a beautifully preserved historic cultural destination like Charleston or Savannah – is also on the rise once again in the US, and is equally popular for baby boomers as it is the burgeoning millennial demographic.

The US also boasts countless magnificent luxury resorts, too, from quaint and quiet countryside inns to large city centre luxury hotels. Those with a spirit of adventure should make their way to the country’s ski and wilderness regions, while those preferring a little pampering and relaxation should try any one of the great destinations along the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf coasts.

To help you get the most from your time in the United States – whether you’re here to purchase prime luxury real estate to live in or are just visiting – let Luxury US be your guide to the country’s top luxury accommodations and experiences.